Now You Can Be A Published Author

Take this time to reconnect with friends & relatives; read a book or two and smell some roses!

AirAsia says “Now Everyone Can Fly

AuthorpreneurAsia says “Now Everyone Can Be A Published Author

Yes, anyone and everyone who wants to, can now tell their story and get it published and I will show you how.

I believe…we have a story inside us, a story that somewhere someone would love to know about it, or even be willing to pay for it.

You can be a professional speaker, trainer, lawyer or a doctor, or you can be a successful businessman or an experienced banker…or you can even be a grandmother or a father or just a teenager…it does not matter, we all have a story to tell and to share. It can be ours or it can be someone’s story, as long as you are willing to tell, and invest in it, someone out there will be willing to listen or even pay for it.

Your story can be from your passion or a hobby that you have, which without realising it, you have  accumulated so much information on the subject matter over the years.  Won’t it be nice if you can package what you know and leverage on it to create new income source? Someone would love to pay you for what you know.

Or your story can be the experiences that you have accumulated, the knowledge that you have gained or the information that you have gathered. It can also be fiction…stories from heart and mind, stories that your granny told you, stories that you have weaved and now would like to share.

Why not?

Why not realise your dreams to be a published author? Why not leave a legacy behind for better of mankind.

You can help make a difference 

Your story can help make a big difference to a person’s life. If your story can have good and positive impact on a person, whether it is knowledge gained, or pure entertainment, you know that you have made a difference.

What is stopping you?

We know many of us think that it is not easy to get published…that it is beyond many of us or that we need to get a publisher first. Yes, traditionally it may seems that way but there are alternative ways now to get published. If I can show you a possible way to be a published author, will you do it? Will you be committed to put in the time, effort and resources to realise your lifelong dream to be a Published Author? If yes, get started now.

Not sure why you want to be a Published Author?

Some of us want to be a published author for many different reasons. You may fall within one of the following reasons and if yes, then we strongly encourage you to get started.

  1. To enhance your credibility on the subject matter. This is especially beneficial for professionals, including trainers, speakers, consultants, subject experts etc. By establishing a stronger credentials in the area, the book can help you enhance your professional career or business.
  2. To leave a legacy behind. Especially if you have proprietary information or knowledge that you wish to share with others. You feel that by leaving this legacy behind, people will remember you for what you have done or achieved or simply that the knowledge will help make a difference to mankind, somehow.
  3. Create new income source. You know that you have information that you can leverage on to create new income source, that others would be willing to pay for it.
  4. You have compiled and collected many stories, yours or other people’s, and you wish to package them and sell. Example, your grandma’s secret recipe or A,B,C of collecting stamps, etc
  5. You have gain valuable knowledge, skills and experience in certain field or expertise and it would be a waste if you cant pass them on to those who are new. Why not leverage and create additional income for yourself?
  6. Passion…simply a passion to be known or to have authored a book, to be a published author or a passion for books or the publishing process! You can even help publish for others.
  7. Vanity – for some vanity reasons, you wish to have your name on a book as the author and this has always been your dream.
  8. Business decisions, you know you can create multiple sources of income through infopreneuring, i.e. information marketing (information + entrepreneur) and one of the best ways to get started is to be a published author or to help publish for others.
  9. Help make a difference to the society. Help gather and process information into useful knowledge and productize that knowledge in to a transferable format that others can use.
  10. You still need more reasons….come talk to me.

Not sure how to get started?

There are few ways to get published:

  1. Find a publisher (this is a standard traditional way and many of us still think this is the only way! While this is the honourable and still workable way to get published, the sad news is probably only 1-3% of manuscripts submitted get to see the light! We understand why…unless you are a celebrity, politician, have the right contacts, have a hot story or if you are commissioned by them…publishers need to survive, they need to make profit!)

  2. Find an agent (probably easier than option 1 provided that they exist and can be found…seriously, not many such agents in this part of the world and they too will be looking for the cream…after all for them, it is about making profits)

  3.  Be your own publisher (this is also what we call self-publishing and my preferred way to get published. In the past, authors self-publish out of necessity but today people self-publish out of choice. You can Publish-It-Yourself or PIY with help from outsourced experts)

Once you decide on which option to get published, I will help you get started. I can also help you to make the decision on which option, once we understand more about yourself, your objectives of getting published and what are your skills set or background.

Contact me at or read on for more information on how to get started.


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