Book of Eli

Sometimes i feel bad for neglecting this site…all the work and rush and activities that we let ourselves get into…all the excuses we give for not doing something. We tend to lose touch with things that really matters to us, to our heart. We tend to lose touch with nature, with the people who care for us, with our dreams and hopes that we once had and the promises we made or gave.

And in our weakness to face what we fear, we let life drives us, we let the environment drives us and then we start to complain why life is unfair, we may begin to lose hope in ourselves, in the people around us, in the promises given to us and in what we once dreamt of. What happened to faith, hope and charity…not forgetting love.

There is no excuse for not writing in my blog, there is no excuse for not doing what i dream of, there is no excuse for things that don’t go right in our lives. If only we still have that little faith and hope in us, …the “hope” that we been brainwashed not to believe in any more as we been told “hoping” does not make dreams come through.

Yes…but having hope and faith and believing in them…is what makes us do the things we fear to take action on. The courage to take a step that seems so wrong, the courage to step into the unknown, the courage to face our fear and walk on an invisible plank that we once believe to exist but cant see it now…

Book of Eli made me realised 2 things – 1) we must continue to have faith and hope and have the courage to follow our heart, do what we believe in and face our fear of unknown

and 2) when it does ends…like in the show…it is not the technology that matters, but the books that we leave behind. Our computers and all the memories in the computer or all the information in the “space” is unreachable without electricity or power and the technology that we so depend on now…What survived all the years and make us continue to exist and have an identity and a “rich” mind is all the information that we have in our books…we know this is true from history…all that makes us who we are today lies in those old hidden scrolls …that survived thousands of years. What makes us think otherwise? How much can we depend on what we live on or survive on today? Not the high tech machines but good old printing press!

So my friends…while we leverage on all the technology available that makes this blog possible and that made it possible for us to communicate electronically in real time over thousand of miles apart….we must not forget the good old “books” as ways to leave behind what we know in our time for the future generations to come…we must not forget the good old ways of communicating and of living in a community. We must not forget nature or how to survive when all is gone….both nature and technology!

We must learn to embrace the new and appreciate the old…appreciate what we have and able to do now. As Eli means in the show (not in his words) …in the old world before the flash, we had more that what we need and those things that people would kill for…we waste them …as insignificant things as a small bottle of free shampoo

why…? is there still hope? I must have faith…must have faith…must have faith

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