About Us

We have a mission:

To help 1000 Authorpreneurs to realise their dreams to be a Published Authors so that they can either Make Money as Infopreneur, Create a Legacy or Enhance their Credentials.

Our vision is to help make a difference to the society and to the mankind by providing products and solutions that will help provide more  knowledge, skills and information that can help the people to be a better person and live a better lifestyle.

And we plan to do this by helping more people to become Published Authors so that more information are productize into formats that others can access and be a more learned person.

At the same time, we are helping the authors to realise their dreams to be a Published Authors and/or to help them achieve their life, career or business objectives. We can help them to enhance their credibility in the subject matter as the “expert” ie the person who have the authority on the subject matter.

Some of us also have unfulfilled dreams to leave their legacy behind or to share their stories or experience or even their grandmother’s stories. We want to help them make it possible.

To find out more, email us at info@authorpreneur.asia.

Each year, we hope to select some book projects that can help the less fortunates as our contribution (CSR) back to society and people at large. Partial funds of the projects selected will be contributed to selected charities or charity organisations.

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