How long have you been sitting on your book ideas?

When I give talks on self-publishing…I often ask this question and you will be surprised at some of the answers I get… So recently I did a research  on LinkedIn Polls and asked this same question…one of the results is 16% sat on their ideas for over 10 years and did nothing about it!…Is that sad or what?

You can view that poll results from here.

Well I started the same post here at my blog…Please join my poll at the sidebar.

I guess there are thousands and one reasons why we sit on our ideas and not do anything about them…Why we do not believe that we can write and author a book. Some of the reasons I can think of includes:

Fear of unknown
Fear of failure
Fear of consequences
Concern if you can do it
Don’t know how to do it
Not sure if this is the option
Lastly….pure laziness or lack of focus

I believe these are just excuses and if you really have the passion and determination and you know what you want (what is your objectives or what you want to achieve)… you can make it possible. What we fear and concern about can be taken care of if we can learn to conquer those fears and face the concerns or challenges. For example we can educate ourselves, do more research, learn or work with others and what we can or cannot do is not a challenge at all. If you cannot do it, get help or outsource or work in partnerships. Or learn to do it yourself. 

Just as there can be thousand and one reasons, there can be thousand and two solutions. With determination, passion, commitment and a strong objective…nothing can stop you if you wish to write and author a book.

Any thoughts or feedback on this? Anyone manage to take action and want to share their experience. Would love to hear your stories.


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