Creating Wealth from Infopreneurship

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We discussed whether if we can make money from what we know…and briefly explained what is infopreneurship. However to be able to make money from it, you need to put what you know into something that you can sell.

So what kind of products or format that you can turn your information into?

The idea is to be able to convert these information into a format that you can share, distribute and thus create income from them.

Examples of the different types of products that you can convert to and make money from:
Books, Workbooks, Booklets, Audio & Video CDs
– E-books, E-zines, E-learning, Online Reports
– Teleseminars, Training, Teaching, Workshops, Coaching, Public Speaking, Mentoring, Computer –Based Learning Systems, etc.
– Articles, Special Reports, Magazines, Games and many more

Creating Wealth from Infopreneurship

To make millions from being an infopreneur, you need to turn it into a Money-Making-Machine (M.M.M.). Making money and creating wealth is very different. Most of us are making money but not necessarily creating wealth. To make money is easy but to create wealth needs a totally different mindset. You need to work smart and one of the best ways to create wealth is to create these M.M.M.

You will probably need to spend some time and effort initially to build this machine and once it is built well, it will produce long term revenue for you even when you stop working on the machine. For example, if you are selling e-products, you can easily automate the system so that you can be sleeping and making money at the same time!

Infopreneurship can be a good M.M.M. as it fulfills the criteria. Compile your information once and turn them into a product, then convert them into many other formats that can generate more income.

The System
Many people are already successful infopreneurs although they may not know it. You probably can name a few, especially world-class speakers who not only speak, train and teach, but also sells a whole range of products in all different formats. Sound familiar? Yes you can do it too. As I said in the beginning, all of us have some stories within us or around us… so learn to leverage on it to create new income.

I am working and sharing with others on a simple system that i have created to help those who are keen to start their infopreneurship….will share more in my next blog…

Meanwhile….hope to get some feedback and sharings especially from those who have done it…

Shum FP

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Author of "Publish-it-Yourself", Publishing/Infopreneur Coach, Writer. Shum also offers publishing, marketing, social media and events management services and solutions.
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