Hello Book Lovers

Hello…Welcome to my new blog on books….and anything related to it..be it about books that i have read, or how to become an author or how to get your books published…or even marketing tips, especially using social media marketing tools.

Would also love to share any ideas or offers related to books…and would love to hear from others:
– who wants to share or comments on books that they have read, especially business books;
– from writers, authors, infopreneurs, self-publishers who want to share their experience, learnings and success stories;
– anyone who knows of where to get best discounted books or any tips on how to market books etc

Looking forward to writing more and to hear from others


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Author of "Publish-it-Yourself", Publishing/Infopreneur Coach, Writer. Shum also offers publishing, marketing, social media and events management services and solutions.
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2 Responses to Hello Book Lovers

  1. stevezellers says:

    I’m a writer,…just recently self published my 6th title. I call my business Wordwizard Publishing. Which in the beginning (three years ago) was only a hobby. It was slow and tough going in the beginning and even expensive. Now three years and five books later I’m starting to turn the corner. There is light at the end of the tunnel and profits on the horizon. It takes lots of work. Lots of trial and error. A ton of rejection letters and and enough self esteem to believe in myself when no one else did. The answer is this…if you know your work is worth publishing,….publish it. If you want to be a writer write. If you want to be a singer sing. Don’t do it for money because if you have talent and love your work the money will come. But you have to work and never quit no matter how long und uphill your road may be.

    Sorry about the rant but that’s what I do. I’m not the best writer in the world but I am a writer which is all I ever wanted to be.

    Steve Zellers

  2. shumfp says:

    Thanks Steve for writing in…I agree that it takes time and effort but we will see the light…We have to believe in it and know what we want to achieve. Take control, manage it and continue to learn and find out new strategies, techniques and tools to be better at it…When we believe in our passion…the rest will be taken care of, eventually. All the best and I am sure there are lots we can learn from you…I am learning new stuff all the time…including blogging and all these new social media stuff…cheers…shum

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